If you love the nature and you are an adventure person this is the best Nusa Penida packages tour you can take to see all sites.

Here below I will telling you what and where you can do and visit day by day and to be the tour program in 4 nights and 5 days. For the time and schedule you can check at the button below this information.

First Day visit 4 sites:

1. Angel Billabong Beach

nusa penida packagesAngel Billabong beach is a natural pool located on the edge of a cliff that is not so high.

when the waves come then this pool will fill up with sea water, the water in this pool will be calm if the waves move away there it’s time you will be able to lie down in the pool, but most visitors only take photos at one point with the background of this pool

2. Broken Beach

nusa penida packagesFor most visitors to Penida, one of the first stops will be Broken Beach. This is a cool circular cove formed in the rocks, complete with a leftover arch. This area is also one of the popular hangout spots for the manta rays, so you’ll most likely get to see some rays floating around in the sea nearby.

3. Kelingking Beach

nusa penida packagesThe Kelingking cliff is the most famous view in Nusa Penida, and probably one of the most famous views in all of Bali. This is an incredible “T-Rex jaw” shaped rock sticking out over the ocean, with perfect turquoise water splashing around it. The first time you look over the edge of the cliff and see this view, it really is breathtaking!

4.Crystal Bay

nusa penida packagesOne of the popular spots on the west side of Penida is Crystal Bay. This is a good hangout or suntanning spot, and it has plenty of food and drink shacks for refreshments. Snorkeling gear can be rented here, or you can just sit around and chill out while eating some chicken satay.


Second Day Visit 4 sites: 

5. Nusa Penida Treehouse (Rumah Pohon)

nusa penida packagesA tree house is a simple house built on a tree with simple facilities. The room and bed are basic yes, but the views and location are out of this world. Most of the visitors here just to take pictures on the stair of this house.

You’ll fall asleep to the sound of geckos chirping in the trees, and wake up to an incredible sunrise over the Raja Lima islands, with dolphins and manta rays swimming and jumping in the distance.

6. Atuh Beach

nusa penida packagesThis is one of the coolest beaches on the south end of Penida island. Unlike Suwehan Beach, Atuh is not a secret and there are sunbeds, beanbags, and a couple of nice food & drink shacks here.

The highlight of Atuh Beach is probably the big elephant shaped rock in the ocean (locals say it looks like a stiletto), and the huge variety of sea life that can be seen trapped in the rocks at low tide.

7. Diamond Beach

nusa penida packagesDiamond Beach, named after the pointy diamond shaped rock on the beach, is another utterly incredible “cliff beach” on the southeastern coast of Nusa Penida island. It’s newly accessible for the first time since late 2018, when a path down to the beach was carved into the side of the cliffs.

8. Teletubbies Hill

nusa penida packagesThe center of Penida island has these big round hills named after the background scenery from the Teletubbies kids show. If you come here during or just after the rainy season, the hills are a perfect green color.

Third Day visit 2 sites:

9. Banah Cliff Point

nusa penida packagesThe great thing about Banah Cliff Point is that it actually has half a dozen different view points along the cliffs, and at each view point you can walk right up to the edge of the cliff and look down at the waves crashing on the rocks.

From these cliffs you can usually see a bunch of tiny manta rays and speedboats floating around on the ocean below. You can also see the Banah rock, a doughnut shaped rock sticking out of the ocean. Great stuff!

10. Tembeling Cave & Beach

tembeling cave and beachThis is an awesome sea cave that opens up to a view of the huge cliffs on the Penida coast. There’s also a small natural pool near the cave that you can take a dip in. The access is full of challenges because the trails and derivatives enter the forest, left and right, where you can meet monkeys and for those who like tracking, it’s suitable to enjoy nature and rocky access.
The beach is full of rocks and we are under a towering cliff, which is a great place to take a break from traffic jams and enjoy your adventure.


Fourth Day visit 2 sites

11. Suwehan Beach

suwehan beachLooking for a hidden beach with perfect white sand and turquoise waves? Suwehan is one of the best hidden beaches in Penida. The hike down takes about 30 minutes and it’s exhausting, but totally worthwhile. There’s even a cool pointy rock that looks like a Christmas tree.

12. Nyanyad Beach

Nyanyad BeachThis is a mostly unknown beach on the south end of Nusa Penida, with a small temple and giant hills on both sides of the beach. The hike to Nyanyad only takes 15 minutes, with concrete steps all the way, and the beach has perfect white sand!


Fifth Day Fun and Relax


snorkelingMore then 30 years ago tourist who love to see Bali under water visit Nusa Penida only for diving and snorkeling, a lot Japanese tourist coming in the beginning but now every visitor that traveling in Nusa Penida possible to combine their trip with snorkeling.

We offer you our snorkeling package tour including; transport, private boat, snorkeling gear, guide who accompany you and take underwater video by Gopro or mobile phone for your document.

There are several points that recommend to explore but here we offer 3 points otherwise we open other option:

  • Crystal Bay Point
  • Gamat Bay Point
  • Wall Point

14. Balinese Aroma Massage

nusa penida packagesMassage starts from the feet with a gentle movement to stretch the leg muscles especially on the soles of the feet. Where then in continue with a back massage. The skilled hands of our therapist will massage your entire.

Then proceed with a massage on the shoulder and then the neck with a smooth and powerful touch. Then on the head you will feel every movement of our therapist’s hands. You will feel a sense of calm and maybe even make you sleep soundly. Followed by a massage on the abdomen and your hands. This abdominal massage aims to smooth digestion and break down the food that has not been digested in your digestion.

Then continue on the face and head. Here you will again feel the sensation of calm and comfort. Until you are done, while hearing spiritual music that makes your soul feel very calm and comfortable. Until the treat is ready to serve herbal tea to add a sense of warmth to your body



2 Participants USD 300 per pax
3 Participants USD 290 per pax
4 Participants USD 250 per pax
5 Participants USD 255 per pax
6 Participants USD 230 per pax


    • Pick up service from hotel to Sanur port
    • Drop off service from Sanur port to hotel
    • Return boat ticket
    • Private transport in Nusa Penida
    • English speaking driver
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Hotel
    • Mineral water
    • All entry ticket
    • Contribution fee
    • Snorkeling gear
    • Life Jacket
    • Private boat for snorkeling
    • Snorkeling Guide
    • Underwater video document
    • Scooter (if any access need to get by scooter)
    • 1 Hour Aroma Bali Massage


    • Personal expenses


    • 06:30 AM Pick up at your hotel to Sanur harbor (area: Canggu, Ubud)
    • 07:00 AM Pick up at your hotel to Sanur harbor (area: Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua)
    • 08:00 AM Arrive at the Sanur harbor and check in
    • 08:15 AM Boat departure to Nusa Penida
    • 09:00 AM Arrive at Nusa Penida, welcomed by our driver at the port, he hold a signage with your name printed to recognize of you. Transfer check in to hotel, welcome drink.
    • 10:00 PM Fist trip start to visit : Angel’s Billabong Beach, Broken Beach
    • 13:00 PM Time break for lunch at local restaurant
    • 14:00 PM After lunch trip continue to visit next site Kelingking Beach and Crystal Bay Beach
    • 17:00 PM Arrive at the hote


    • 08:00 AM Breakfast
    • 09:00 AM Second day trip will visit 4 sites Tree house, Atuh Beach, Deamond Beach and Teletubies Hill. While trip you will stop for lunch at the local restaurant
    • 16:00 PM Arrive at the hote


    • 08:00 AM Breakfast
    • 09:00 AM Second day trip will visit 4 sites : Banah Cliff Point, Tembeling Cave and Beach. While trip you will stop for lunch at the local restaurant
    • 16:00 PM Arrive at the hote


    • 08:00 AM Breakfast
    • 09:00 AM Second day trip will visit 4 sites : Suwehan Beach and Nyanyad Beach. While trip you will stop for lunch at the local restaurant
    • 16:00 PM Arrive at the hote



    • 08:00 AM Breakfast
    • 09:00 AM Pick up by the driver to the snorkeling start point for preparation
    • 09:30 AM Snorkeling in 3 location
    • 12:00 PM Snorkeling finish then head back to Hotel
    • 13:00 PM Massage
    • 14:30 PM Lunch
    • 16:00 PM Arrive at the port after a full day trip, ticket check-in and boarding
    • 16:30 PM Boat leaves to Bali
    • 17:20 PM Arrive at Sanur Port and transfer to the Hotel

    • Prepayment, to secure the booking we need 50% deposit from the total charge, the rest of charge you can pay at the first day of program.
    • By online/credit card : The paypal invoice will send via email and there is 4.8% surcharge for paypal transaction fee

    • Free cancelation fee if cancel made 48 day prior the event
    • 50% of full fare cancellation charge will applied for any cancellation received within 48 hours
    • 100% of full fare on the day of trip
  • WHEN

    We Strongly recommend that you have to be ready 15 minutes before pick up schedule at the Lobby of your hotel or villa. If for any reason you arrive late at the port and the Boat leave us, you may be asked to reschedule for another day. Due to the tour start early you may order your breakfast one day before tour serve in a box, you can eat in our car.


    The walk around the spot will be an adventure. The spot are located on a steep ravine, so be prepared with the right walking shoes or sandals as we will be walking on rocks, and going up and down many steps. We don’t recommend bringing heavy backpacks or luggage. We suggest bring raincoat especially the rainy season.

    When you get in to boat some time you need to walk down to the water and sand so wearing short pants is recommended

    Also need to be bring : towel, sunblock cream, hat