Aling Aling Waterfall Trekking Tour is ideal daily full day tour program to explore Sambangan Village secret garden with the 7 famous waterfalls.

The 7 waterfall are : Aling Aling waterfall, Kroya, Kembar, Pucuk, Cemara, Dedari and Canging waterfall

The trail is not so hard as long as you have good physical trained. Part of this route is been made by concrete ladder especially on the steep slopes. Located in the north of Bali take 2.5 to 3 hours from most tourist spot like Kuta, Ubud and others.

There are 4 categories trekking you can choose when you arrive at the entrance of the site and the price of the ticket will be 3 grades based on the trekking category.


Price IDR 700K

Price Info:

  • Above price quoted per car in Rupiah
  • Maximum capacity of the car is 7 passengers
  • The payment can be made in cash either US$, EURO, Rupiah or other currencies base on the latest exchange rates
  • The tour are in private, that mean there is no other participant, just only you and your companion

For more info please check below detail: (touch button)

    Duration 2 hours

    The guide will take you to explore the 4 waterfalls at the Banyumala river. This location is not so far from starting point just 15 minutes you will enter the existing stair down the shade cliff. The first waterfall you can see is Aling-aling waterfall with 30 meters high, the next and apposite way you will find the Kroya waterfall 12 meters, in this Kroya waterfall you will the extraordinary sliding with your body and fall into the lagoon, in just in the location you will find other beautiful Kembar waterfall (Kembar =Twin) yes Twin waterfall with 8 meters high and then the last is Pucuk waterfall with 15 meters high at this waterfall you can jump into the waterfall.

    Duration 3-4 hours

    Medium tracking is short trekking program with additional of trekking to the rice field and villager house, cover plantation and the Singaraja town view from the high view point and before the group of Aling-aling waterfall you will find the amazing blue lagoon you can swim in this blue Lagoon the nature swimming pool.


    Duration 6 hours

    This trekking is started from Tiying Tali dam, along the trip you will see many kind of plantation such us Coffee plantation, cocoa plantation, forest, skin snack fruit plantation, palm sugar trees, jack fruit, banana plantation. We also will see the rice terrace view from the high point. Moreover we also see many activities of farmer in cultivating their rice field. In the jungle we will find the Cemara waterfall, Dedari waterfall, Canging waterfall and continue to the complex of Aling-aling waterfall those are Kroya waterfall, Kembar waterfall and Pucuk waterfall.

  • Price Condition

    • Full day trip is up to 10 hours
    • If any over time will be charge extra IDR 50K/hour/car
    • Maximum 7 Passenger/car
  • Pick Up at 6.30AM from your hotel, please prepare your breakfast in a box you can eat in our car, this trip start early doe to location is far away from tourist spot take around 3 hours to the location.

    Trip will visit:

    • Aling-Aling waterfall
    • Ulun Danu Temple
    • Lunch at restaurant near Bedugul village
    • Back to hotel
  • Include:

    • Air-conditioned car.
    • Fuel
    • English speaking driver
    • Car parking fe


    • Your Meal
    • Entrance ticket to the sites we visit.
    • Small donation
  • The way to pay is either in Cash, Transfer and Online payment
    For cash please pay to the driver at the end of trip

  • Free cancelation fee, but always remind us if you would to cancel the booking