Wall Art Painting is the art of painting on the walls of the room or outdoor walls that will add to the artistic value of your villa or your home.
The beauty of the room is comfort for everyone, an additional a little painting art for a beautiful feel in your room. And it is art that we pour on the walls to beautify a room.

Recently, quite a lot of people have started decorating their villas by adding a touch of painting that fits the villa’s theme.
For example, a villa built near the beach where the prospective guests are surfers, so the painting chosen is the painting of the waves. There is also a house owner who likes nature, so the theme of his painting is nature painting.


We were born as artists and we did many wall art painting projects, some of which can be seen in the gallery below.
If you are interested in adding a touch of art to your villa or home, please contact us via email or telephone directly!

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Ketut Swastika

VIDEO (Wall art painting on location)